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Altinity technical experts and 24x7 support service will help you to successfully build, deploy, and manage your high-performance data solutions. Our approach is open and collaborative, providing you 24x7 support and direct access to skilled ClickHouse technology experts, the latest product knowledge, and best ClickHouse practices. Altinity provides:

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  • Database schema design and query tuning

  • Installation and configuration, general advice on operations (best practices)

  • Cluster configuration and replication, high availability and backup/recovery

  • Performance audit, optimization recommendations

  • Data migration from other systems

  • Analysis of ClickHouse bugs, crashes and outages

  • Level 3 support: bug fixes and hot releases

ClickHouse 24x7 support is designed to help you achieve your targeted business outcomes faster by maximizing the impact of your plan. Through continuous engagement and timely delivery of tailored resources, content, and tools, Altinity team elevates our collaboration to help you effectively deploy and manage technical deployments and strategically plan for the future.

Get all the support you need to be successful!

Altinity ClickHouse Technical Support Plans

We provide different support plans to make ClickHouse operations easy and flawless. That includes Level 3 support and 24x7 Level 1 support.

Our services are suited for everyone from smaller ClickHouse deployments where longer response times are acceptable and consultant assistance or bug fixes for production deployments are not required; enterprise production deployments of ClickHouse clusters when priority case handling is required; to premium mission-critical deployments of ClickHouse clusters that require the best level of support over phone and web with the fastest response times, hands-on consultant assistance and Level 3 support.

Have unlimited incidents and projects with 24x7 support.

Features included:

  • Operational advisory on core elements

  • Consultancy by ClickHouse experts

  • Troubleshooting

  • Level 3 support

  • And more

  • Always accessible 24x7 support hours

  • Quick and quality response times

  • SLA Money Back Guarantee

  • Variety of support channels for your convenience

  • Database administration (DBA) assistance

We're With You Every Step of the Way: From Starting Up, to Development, to Production

We know what it's like to start small and launch something big. Have access to our experts, knowledge, and support right from the beginning with our 24x7 support plan, through development, and into production.

Contact Altinity team at
+1 628 400 4455 (USA) or +44 (0) 2036 087444 (UK)

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ClickHouse 24x7 Support

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