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Altinity Platform


Altinity Platform Software

Gives you the edge in operating ClickHouse clusters as well as implementing analytic applications across a wide range of environments.
Platform components including the following:

Makes installation and operation of data warehouses on Kubernetes both quick and simple. Great for use cases ranging from quick exploration to running large production clusters.

Altinity Cluster Manager

Web-based management console for ClickHouse. Enables users to manage even large clusters through a simple point-and-click interface. (In Beta Q3 2019)

Ingests data from standard log formats into ClickHouse tables

Reads data from MySQL binlog and loads to ClickHouse

Scripts to build RPM distributions of ClickHouse

Plugin to populate Grafana dashboards with data from ClickHouse

Template for Zabbix monitoring agents

And more!

Altinity also has dedicated ClickHouse committers who can fix ClickHouse bugs, add features, and perform engineering on any project related to ClickHouse. Talk to us for details.

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