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Altinity’s ClickHouse consulting can help you to deliver better results from IT investments-increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and securing vital data. Whether your business is looking for a remote DBA, high performance and availability, or improved operational efficiency, Altinity team can help you with ClickHouse consulting.

The open-source ecosystem lives from participation and that’s why we decided to provide and maintain a R-package (i.e., RClickhouse) for this database. Luckily, we are not the only supporters and because of specialized companies like Altinity, the future of this database looks bright and we want to be part of it.

Christian Hotz-Behofsits, ‘Big Data Analysis in Digital Marketing Research’, 2017

Overcome Challenges With ClickHouse Solutions

Altinity consultants are unique in ability to combine industry, technology, and ClickHouse best practices to help you achieve your goals and business optimization. We enjoy consulting all kind of companies, as our clients range from ambitious startups to large established corporations using ClickHouse for different Big Data analytics use cases.

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Altinity provides consulting services to help our customers to design and deploy the most efficient data analytics solutions using ClickHouse DBMS.

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Altinity Enterprise Suite delivers enterprise functionality that allows to operate ClickHouse clusters at scale.


Examples of our expertise

Altinity has the deepest ClickHouse expertise in the market today and is looking to accelerate its product development plans. We provide:

  • Database schema design and query tuning

  • Installation and configuration, general advice on operations (best practices)

  • Cluster configuration and replication, high availability and backup/recovery

  • Performance audit, optimization recommendations

  • Data migration from other systems

  • Analysis of ClickHouse bugs, crashes and outages

  • Level 3 support: bug fixes and hot releases

  • ClickHouse builds for operating systems (eg. RPM packages)

    And so much more!

Contact Altinity team at
+1 628 400 4455 (USA) or +44 (0) 2036 087444 (UK)

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