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Percona Live Dublin

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Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse
Speaker: Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity
At LifeStreet we needed to scale our real time ad analytics platform to multiple petabytes. When Yandex has released ClickHouse to Open Source we quickly realized its potential, and started our implementation project. It was a long way but it finally worked out great.

Real Time DNS Analytics at Cloudflare with ClickHouse
Speaker: Tom Arnfeld, CloudFlare

Enabling ClickHouse Analytics in Your MySQL Application Using ProxySQL
Speaker: Rene Cannao, ProxySQL

Yandex ClickHouse: A DBMS for Interactive Analytics at Scale
Speaker: Aleksei Milovidov, Yandex

Quick Tour of ClickHouse Internals
Speaker: Alex Zatelepin, Yandex

How Cloudflare analyzes >1m DNS queries per second
Speaker: Tom Arnfeld, Cloudflare

Later Event: October 5
ClickHouse Meetup Berlin