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Meetup: ClickHouse in the South Bay!

  • Office 2301 Leghorn Street Mountain View, CA, 94043 United States (map)

South Bay, CA, US
August 13, 2019

Join us to learn about ClickHouse data warehouse and share experiences with other ClickHouse users at in Mountain View. We'll have a mix of practitioner and tutorials. Lightning talks are also welcome. Please contact organizers if you would like to present.

Talk 1: "How Clickhouse became the default analytics database for Mux" by Adam Brown, Mux founder

After having early success with building a new analytics product using Clickhouse, Mux has found Clickhouse to be the default choice for most analytics database work at the startup. Today Clickhouse powers multiple customer facing products as well as many internal monitoring systems. This talk will discuss some of the interesting ways that Mux uses Clickhouse and how it is operationalized and managed on Kubernetes by a small team.

Talk 2: "Tricks every ClickHouse designer should know" by Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO

If you are fresh off the MySQL or PostgreSQL boat you'll find a few surprises when you design your first ClickHouse application. Column storage turns some of the classic SQL design precepts on their heads. We'll talk about fact tables and dimensions, materialized views, codecs, arrays, and skip indexes, to name a few of my favorites. The talk is interactive, so bring your own tricks and contribute to the discussion.

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Later Event: August 17
DataCon LA