ClickHouse Leading Service Provider

Meetup in San Francisco 2017


How to build analytics for 100bn logs a month with ClickHouse

Meetup in San Francisco, 13 September 2017

Overview: ClickHouse is a real-time analytical database system. With a celebration of only 1 year as OpenSource, it already proved ready for serious workloads.
We talked about ClickHouse in general, some internals and why it is so fast. ClickHouse is complementary to MySQL, which is traditionally weak for analytical workload, we touched how to make two systems work together.
CloudFlare shared a story how they use ClickHouse to analyzes 1MDNS queries per second

Vadim Tkachenko, CTO at Percona and Principal Advisor at Altinity.
Vadim leads Percona Engineering Team, which focuses on development of Percona software products, technology research and performance evaluations of Percona’s and third-party products.

Marek Vavruša, a programmer working for Cloudflare, mostly on DNS related projects. Prior to joining Cloudflare worked on several open source projects, such as BPF tools and Knot DNS, both authoritative and recursive.