Clickhouse training


ClickHouse Training

For customers willing to build and operate ClickHouse on their own we provide uniquely designed training courses for database developers, administrators, and data scientists.

Your training course can be tailored specifically to your requirements, covering the most important and relevant topics for your ClickHouse use case.

Courses can be delivered online (using web conferencing software) or on-site.


This is an example of 3-session course structure:

Session 1

Lesson: Basic Installation (20 mins)

  • ClickHouse installation for CentOS and AWS Linux
  • ODBC/JDBC drivers
  • Configuration and monitoring

Lesson: ClickHouse Application Design (60 mins)

  • Tables and engines
  • Basics of schema design
  • Data import and load
  • ClickHouse SQL
  • Dictionaries

Session 2

Lesson: Advanced Topics (90 mins)

  • Working with arrays
  • Approximate computing and sampling
  • Window functions emulation
  • Optimizing SQL queries
  • Replacing, Collapsing, Summing and Aggregating merge tree engines
  • Using Materialized views

Session 3

Lesson: ClickHouse Cluster (60 mins)

  • Setting up the cluster
  • Distributed tables and distributed query processing
  • Data replication
  • Different topologies and use cases
  • Consistency and monitoring