ClickHouse Leading Service Provider

High performance data analytics

Leading Service Provider for ClickHouse


Altinity is the leading service provider for ClickHouse - an open-source column-store Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) analytic DBMS - the cutting-edge technology for managing and analyzing extremely large volumes of data. Altinity offers the highest ClickHouse expertise in the market and provides high-volume data analytics solutions (cloud and on-premise) built on ClickHouse.


We provide different support plans to make ClickHouse operations easy and flawless. Have full access to highly skilled ClickHouse experts, who will be happy to help with your inquiries.
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clickhouse POC/Evaluation

Accelerate your success at any stage in your journey and get projects to production faster. For customers who are actively building a new system, we offer proof of concept and evaluation support plan.
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ClickHouse Training

For customers willing to build and operate ClickHouse on their own we provide uniquely designed, highly focused, and in-depth training courses that give you a competitive edge in building world-class solutions.
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