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What is Clickhouse?

ClickHouse is an open source analytic DBMS developed by Russian Internet giant Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX). It powers multiple petabytes of data in Yandex and is a core technology of Yandex.Metrica -- one of the biggest web-analytics platforms in the world. In June 2016 Yandex released ClickHouse as an open source product, continuing to be the major contributor. Since then multiple companies deployed ClickHouse as their analytics platform often replacing popular vendor solutions.

Why ClickHouse?

ClickHouse has been designed for the speed and scalability. It is extremely fast in loading and querying huge amounts of data, thanks to column store, CPU level optimizations, vectorized query processing and shared-nothing cluster architecture. A lot of independent tests and benchmarks have been conducted recently, and all of them demonstrate that ClickHouse significantly outperforms existing open source and commercial offerings on similar workloads. See benchmark section for details.

In addition to outstanding performance, ClickHouse delivers a number of unique useful features that can not be found in most other DBMSs. For example, ClickHouse has array data types, build-in data sampling support, approximate uniques, aggregating materialized views, in-memory data dictionaries and other.

And last but not least -- ClickHouse is open source and free to use. There are no license costs.

ClickHouse Expertise and Tools

ClickHouse is very capable and fast DBMS but it is quite different from others. The principles of schema physical design are not like in other systems, SQL-dialect is different, efficient data load and query welcomes the understanding how ClickHouse works internally. ClickHouse lacks many features that more mature DBMSs usually have. Instead, it proposes different and often more efficient approaches to the same problems. This is where ClickHouse Expertise helps to find the optimal solutions and significantly shorten the implementation and deployment times.

Altinity delivers both Expertise to build analytic solutions, and Tools to operate them.


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ClickHouse Repositories and Downloads



Altinity Demo Appliance

Altinity Demo Appliance (ADA) is a set of tools packaged together to simplify your experience in integrating analytics solutions based on ClickHouse DBMS. The core of ADA is ClickHouse which is an open source column-oriented database engine. ADA comes in different distributions such as Amazon Machine Image or Docker Image.

Altinity Demo Appliance includes a simple web application allowing you to access pre-configured interated tools such as:

  • ClickHouse: open source column-oriented database management system capable of real time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.

  • Tabix: SQL editor, GUI and introspection tool for ClickHouse

  • Grafana: open source platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring

  • ProxySQL: high-performance MySQL proxy

  • Ontime Demo Dataset Installer: demo dataset download and installation

  • Nginx Access Logs and MySQL Slow Logs Loader Application: simple application that passes uploaded log files through a log parser and loads the data into ClickHouse in live mode.

What can you do with ADA?

Try ClickHouse with large dataset. If you're not familiar with ClickHouse the first thing you will find helpful in ADA is that it gives you a brief summary about ClickHouse itself and what it can do, followed by an interactive example where you can trigger the demo dataset installation process. This demo use case demonstrates how big amount of data can be transferred from CSV files into ClickHouse database and then used as a source of different analytic queries executed at sub-second performance.

Perform log analytics with ClickHouse. Use ADA to see how fast and easy log analytics can be using tools like: ClickHouse, Grafana and Logstash connected together. This is done by uploading a log file of a type of Nginx Access or MySQL Slow log using a simple web form.

Try simple Data Visualization / BI tools with ClickHouse. ADA includes pre-configured Tabix and Grafana tools allowing you to build data charts using your own queries to ClickHouse.

Access ClickHouse DB like MySQL using ProxySQL. The last but not least as a developer you can use MySQL Workbench or pretty much any other UI tool designed for MySQL database connecting it to ClickHouse through ProxySQL server. This gives you a way to work with ClickHouse, run SQL queries and build reports using MySQL UI tools or MySQL-aware applications.

Getting started with ADA

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You can get ADA for personal use by using a Docker Image or an Amazon Machine Image.

Using ADA Docker Image

  1. Pull ADA image from docker hub:

    $ docker pull altinity/demo:v3
  2. Once it is on your local machine, you can start the container. You also need to open required ports:

    $ docker run -dit -p 3000:3000 -p 8123:8123 -p 6090:6090 -p80:80 altinity/demo:v3
  3. Go to a landing web page, i.e. http://localhost/ And you can log in to the instance using altinity/demo credentials.

Using ADA Amazon Machine Image

  1. Log into Amazon WS Console and go to EC2 service.

  2. Search for “Amazon Demo Appliance” image or Image ID: “ami-91c91be8”.

  3. Launch the instance using the AMI. Make sure to select at least 4Gb RAM to be able to install one of the demo datasets.

  4. Go to the landing web page, i.e. http://YOUR.INSTANCE.IP/ And you can log in to the instance using altinity/demo credentials.